Our daily challenge - providing the best service and the best quality

Founded in 1982 and still owner-managed today, as a medium-sized company we provide consulting services worldwide to almost 1,000 companies in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and logistics fields.

Our focusses include: industrial environmental protection, occupational and plant safety, product and chemicals management as well as the associated strategies and organisational consulting.

40 interdisciplinarily-active engineers, scientists and lawyers are ready to support their customers in order to perfectly implement the projects together. How? With excellently trained employees and comprehensive substance knowledge which we use in all the appropriate fields according to the motto: gathered once for multiple benefits.

What began 30 years ago has, in the mean time, developed into a successful enterprise with 40 employees and one dog.

Our daily challenge: - meeting legislative requirements with individual and economic solutions.

Working with the right partner means intensifying and expanding the performance spectrum

Remaining the leader in quality and service is our daily challenge

No matter whether it is a single project or a complete outsourcing - we have the adequate solution.

The many years of loyalty of our clients shows that they are satisfied with UMCO.


Permanent partnership in a social project at the Hamburg/Wilhelmsburg library

We are always interested in highly motivated employees.