The UMCO Story

What began 30 years ago has, in the mean time, developed into a successful enterprise with 40 employees and one dog.

The formula of success: constant interaction with clients, recognition of needs and realisation in innovative products and services.

A short overview:

  • 2009: Start of UMCO Compliance Solution
  • 2008: 2nd. Sea Harbour Congress
  • 2007: Certification as environmentally friendly business (ÖKOPROFIT-Betrieb) joining Hamburg Environmental Partnership
  • 2006: Foundation of the Global Chemical Consultant Network and the European Network of REACH Consultants
  • 2005: Foundation of a 24 hour emergency call service "GlobalChem24" and start of the public seminary service
  • 2004: Participation of UMCO in a European REACH project
  • 2003: Start of regular "client days"
  • 2002: Start of the strategic use of the Internet for UMCO services
  • 2001: Opening of an office in Cologne
  • 2000: Foundation of the Ingenieurwerk (engineering consortium) in Hamburg, Wilhelmsburg
  • 1997: Management buy out by three long serving employees and the present CEO, separation of Magdeburg office 
  • 1996: Sale of UMCO hazardous substance system and focussing on environmental services
  • 1995: Start of the monthly UMCO information service
  • 1993: 1st. comprehensive servicing of operations in the SHE field
  • 1991: Takeover of employees from the planning group of the East German people's own paint and varnish manufacturer and foundation of an office in Magdeburg
  • 1990: Development of an IT network version for compiling safety data sheets
  • 1987: Begin of environmental services in the fields of German Federal Immission Control Act  / Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control / Hazardous Incident Ordinance
  • 1985: Development of an IT solution for the mass processing of safety data sheets
  • 1982: Foundation as spin-off from a medium sized paint manufacturer in Hamburg