Customer satisfaction is our benchmark

„The secret of success is to understand the other person's point of view.“

UMCO's success has come largely from taking this statement by Henry Ford to heart. This is reflected in the way we communicate with our clients:

  • friendly, 
  • open and honest, 
  • and always on the spot, if our help is needed; - whether as a sparring partner or in times of need.

We put all our efforts into protecting the environment, developing business opportunities for our clients while creating a sustainable mix of economy and ecology.

Thanks to our industrial roots, we know how to develop products and services according to the specifications and needs of our customers from the very beginning.

In this context, our employees receive intensive training and further training. Therefore, at all times, our clients are communicating with a competent partner who has insight into all company concerns ranging from risk evaluation of raw materials to management of operational processes.

We also work with each other inside the company in the same way we work with our clients: 

  • committed, 
  • team-oriented and 
  • always ready to help each other

Providing the best service and the highest quality is a continuous challenge. The benchmark here is client satisfaction and the maximum use of our work in daily operation.

We always keep a close watch on the market and therefore we know today what is going to be important for our clients tomorrow. We align our consultancy activities accordingly.