Homework without headaches

Fast and straightforward help is best.

Since 2005, we have been supporting the project of Hamburg public libraries "Homework help for primary schoolchildren" in the Bücherhalle, at the Hamburg suburb of Wilhelmsburg. Since 2007, we are permanent sponsors.

On three afternoons each week, an outside tutor controls maths, German or other school exercises free of charge. More than 500 seven to ten year olds used this opportunity last year. Children with immigrant backgrounds profit from the special support as well as children from poor families or difficult social environments. The commercial homework help market is too expensive for these social groups.

The little Turks, Germans, Ghanaians or Afghanis decide themselves when and how often they come. They simply come when they need help. Usually the difficulties involve basic incomprehension of something, or perhaps they just need a helping hand or a quiet place where they can do their exercises. During the homework help only German is spoken which is a significant integration aid.

Of course all the children can use the stock of books at the Wilhelmsburg library. There are various reference works, text books and dictionaries available.

UNCO employees were able to see for themselves on-site the learning achievements which are possible with relatively modest means. We are pleased that, thanks to our commitment, so many young people could be helped to improve their performance and that the project will remain a special part of the library's work in the coming years as well.