General Terms and Conditions

(As per: 15th March 2013)

1.  Scope of Applicability

a.  The  following  General  Terms  and  Conditions  (hereinafter  GTC)  regulate  the  business  relationship  of  the Customer (hereinafter “Customer”)  to  UMCO Umwelt Consult GmbH (hereinafter “UMCO”).  These GTC may be  viewed,  printed  out  or  stored  whenever  required  under  the  link  “GTC”  which  can  be  accessed  on  the website

b.  Exclusively these GTC apply.  Deviant, contradicting or supplementary terms and conditions of the Customer may only become a part of the contract  by and insofar as UMCO expressly agrees to their applicability. This approval requirement applies in any case, for instance, even when UMCO, being aware of the Customer GTC, renders services  without reservation. Therefore, even if UMCO does not expressly  disagrees  with  the GTC of the Customer, the GTC of the Customer do not apply.

2.  Payments

a.  Concerning  the  consulting  contracts,  the  Customer  is  committed  to  pay  the  agreed  upon  lump  sum  to  the account  of  UMCO  in  advance  by  bank  transfer  upon  enforcement  of  the  contract  and  receipt  of  invoice. Running costs, e.g. for GIZ are also due annually, in advance.

b.  Expense-related payments  as well as  travel and other  expenses  are invoiced to the Customer including the proof of performance when incurred.

c.  Concerning seminars/training sessions, invoices are drawn up at beginning of seminar. Partial attendance of the seminar does not entitle the Customer to a reduction of the fee.

d.  If assignments amount to a total value exceeding € 2, 500 for one single service package, UMCO is entitled to invoice  reasonable  monthly  instalments.  UMCO  will  provide  the  Customer  with  the  corresponding  time statements on demand. 

e.  Payment claims of UMCO are due for payment, excluding discount, within 14 days as from receipt of invoice.

f.  If not  otherwise agreed upon,  the hourly rate  due is € 140, daily rate: 1,260.  Services provided at an hourly rate are calculated at intervals of 0.25 hours (15 min.). UMCO  is  entitled to charge a surplus of 30 % on the agreed upon hourly rate for work on Sundays and public Holidays.

g.  UMCO is entitled to  adequately  adjust the agreed upon lump sum should the actual  expenses  unexpectedly increase  by  more  than  15  %.  Unexpected  circumstances  are  particularly  experienced  when  the  Customer violates the obligation to co-operate or if a project plan/work procedure already agreed  on is to be unilaterally modified by the Customer.

h.  The agreed upon remuneration applies excluding the respective statutory VAT.

i.  The payment by the Customer is considered settled when the sum is at UMCO’s free disposal.

j.  Unless agreed otherwise the following applies:

- Travelling times are service times and are calculated at a rate of 50% of the hourly rate of €140 (€ 70). In the major centres of the UMCO offices (currently: Hamburg, Cologne, Rottweil: radius of 20 km) call-out charges of € 35.00 are invoiced.

- Adequate accommodation costs and other expenses are settled at the evidenced amount. The same applies to travel expense outlays for the Bundesbahn (Federal railways) (2nd class), flight expenses (economy class) or € 0.65 for every kilometre driven by car.

- Further travel costs and expenses are invoiced at the maximum permissible tax rates.

3.  Setting-off / Right of Retention

Setting-off by the Customer is only permissible when the latter’s claim is uncontested or has been legally
established or if a ruling is anticipated. This also applies if the Customer asserts claims of defect or counterclaims.
However, the Customer may exercise a right of retention if the latter’s counterclaim is based on the same

4.  Contract Term, Termination

a.  If not otherwise agreed upon,  the contracts with UMCO are concluded for an indefinite term. Both parties  may terminate the contract with a notice period of six weeks to take effect at the end of each year.

b.  Within the first three months after contract conclusion both parties may each  withdraw from the contractual relationship at a month’s notice to take effect at the end of the month without providing a particular reason.

c.  Individual service packages can also be booked separately or each  may be terminated with a six-week notice period to take effect at the end of every year.

d.  Should UMCO terminate the contract for a reason which the Customer is to be held responsible, this shall not exempt  the  Customer  from  the  obligation  of  settling  the  remuneration  as  agreed  upon  until  end  of  the contractual relationship. 

e.  The parties’ right to extraordinary termination of the contract  without notice remains unaffected. An important reason for UMCO is particularly as drawn up in the following cases:

- the Customer is in default with payments despite reasonable deadlines set or stops payments or

- UMCO becomes aware of circumstances which call the creditworthiness of the Customer in question or

- the Customer files a petition to institute insolvency proceedings or

- the Customer terminates business activities.

f.  Provided  not  otherwise  agreed  upon,  all  the  obligations  of  UMCO  shall  be  terminated  upon  expiry  of  the contract term.

5.  Customer’s Obligation to co-operate

The Customer is committed to,

a.  fully  support  UMCO  in  the  implementation  of  the  contract,  particularly  to  provide  all  prerequisites  free  of charge  in  the  field  of  its  own  sphere  of  operations  and  which  are  necessary  for  the  due  execution  of  the contract;

b.  provide  all UMCO staff free access to all the information necessary to carry out their job and to provide them with all  the required documents in time,  not least  to inform them of circumstance which may be important  in connection with the execution of the contract and without requiring particular prior request;

c.  inform UMCO in detail, without requiring particular request about known dangers and operational procedures.

6.  Assigning Third Parties

a.  UMCO is entitled to assign third parties to execute the contract. The Customer is informed in advance.

b.  UMCO will consider the needs and wishes of the Customer when selecting a third party.

7.  Liability

a.  UMCO  as  well  as  the  representatives  and  vicarious  agents  bear  unrestricted  liability  for  intent  and  gross negligence  and  in  the  scope  of  a  quality  guarantee  and  durability  guarantee.  Furthermore,  UMCO  and  the representatives and vicarious agents are unrestrictedly liable for damages due to  malice  and for injury to life, body or health.

b.  The liability for simple negligence is excluded unless this involves the infringement of significant contractual obligations. In the latter case the liability is limited to amount for contract-specific, foreseeable damages.

c.  UMCO  and  the  representatives  or  vicarious  agents  bear  further  unrestricted  liability  according  to  the provisions of the product liability act.

8.  Safekeeping and Surrender of Documents

a.  UMCO’s  obligation to store data in connection with the contractual services  to  be provided terminates  one year after expiry of the contract provided UMCO is not bound by law to adhere to a longer safekeeping period.

b.  The documents placed  at  disposal  by the Customer  are  to be  surrendered  upon request of said Customer upon termination of the contract  and the  costs  are  to be borne by the Customer. Should the Customer not request  surrender  upon  termination,  UMCO  is  entitled  to  destroy  them  upon  expiry  of  one  year  provided UMCO is not bound to a longer safekeeping period by law.

c.  The  Customer  is  only  entitled  to  forward  the  documents  drawn  up  by  UMCO  to  fulfil  the  contract  and  not exclusively created for the Customer upon express written approval received from UMCO.

 9.  Confidentiality

a.  UMCO  is  committed  to  treat  all  facts  of  the  Customer  revealed  in  connection  with  its  activities  for  said Customer, particularly information about operational and business secrets of the Customer,  confidentially and particularly not to utilise it beyond the scope  of the contract,  either for own purposes or to forward it to third parties.

b.  The confidentiality obligation only applies to such issues as are not generally accessible or known.

c.  The confidentiality obligation remains in force beyond the termination of the contract. UMCO is committed to reach an agreement with all employees by which they are also committed to secrecy.

10.  References and Links

In as far as the websites, which are at least also operated by UMCO, contain links to external websites these are
not subject to the influence of UMCO. Therefore UMCO does not assume responsibility for their contents. UMCO
explicitly states to have no influence whatsoever on the design and contents of the linked websites. UMCO does
not appropriate the contents of linked websites and particularly assures that the contents of these linked sites are
true or serve or fulfil a certain purpose. The legal responsibility, even in terms of data protection law, is entirely
with the operator of the external Website.

11.  Modification of the Terms and Conditions

UMCO may modify or supplement these GTC at any time provided reasonable for the Customer. UMCO will
inform the Customer about modifications and supplements to the GTC and will make the access to a new version
possible. Should the client not declare agreement with the modification or supplements, the Customer will provide
information about such objection within 21 days after receiving the information and the access provided. If not, the
Customer will have declared acceptance of the new version.  The Customer’s attention is drawn to the
aforementioned importance and the importance of his right of revocation by UMCO in the scope of notification and
its right of revocation.

12.  Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

a.  The agreed upon place of jurisdiction is - as far as legally permissible – Hamburg.

b.  The  law  of  the  Federal  Republic  of  Germany,  to  the  exclusion  of  the  UN-Convention  on  Contracts  for  the International  Sale of Goods, applies to the contractual relationship  between UMCO and the  Customer  and to all the arising claims in such connection.

13.  Miscellaneous Provisions

a.  Legally  relevant  declarations  and  notifications  which  are  submitted  to  UMCO  by  the  Customer  upon conclusion  of  the  contract  (e.g.  the  setting  of  deadlines,  notification  of  defects,  notice  of  withdrawal  or reduction) shall be drawn up in writing to become operative.

b.  Information  on  the  application  of  legal  provisions  only  bear  clarifying  significance.  The  legal  provisions therefore  also  apply  without  such  clarification  in  as  far  as  they  are  only  indirectly  modified  or  expressly excluded in these GTC.

c.  UMCO shall bear no liability for a certain economic success.

d.  Consultancy services, information, proposals or opinions provided in the scope of this contract shall, under all circumstances, be considered proposals and do not constitute legal advice in the terms of the Legal Services Act.

e.  Communication language between the parties is German. However, should the communication be restricted to the mere forwarding or the rendering of contents of foreign language documents or facts of a case, the use of English shall also be permissible.

f.  Oral side agreement prior to or after conclusion of the contract do not exist, or are ineffective respectively.

g.  The Customer is committed to name a contact who is authorised to provide UMCO staff with declarations in favour of and against the Customer and its subsidiaries which become  necessary as interim decision in the scope  of  proceeding  with  the  contract.  Should,  when  performing  the  tasks  with  the  contact  person  a clarification  of  the  questions  or  problems  with  the  applicable  offices  not  be  possible,  UMCO  shall  be authorised at any time, to contact the management of the Customer directly. 

h.  Should  one  of  the  provisions  of  these  GTC  be  totally  or  partially  inoperable,  invalid  or  unenforceable,  the validity  of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The inoperable, invalid or unenforceable Provision shall be replaced by an operable provision to which the parties agree and which they would have concluded in good faith had they been aware of the inoperability, invalidity or unenforceability. The same shall also apply should a loophole be detected in the GTC.