Almost a one man orchestra: Our SHE Manager

Many of the tasks and requirements in environmental protection and industrial safety are interrelated. A clear separation is hardly possible and usually makes little sense. This is where our manager for Safety, Health and Environment, in short SHE manager comes into play. He/she has a universal knowledge background and many years of experience.

Our SHE manager controls complex tasks in the fields of working safety, health protection and environmental protection effectively, pragmatically and in compliance with the law.

The external SHE manager:

  • explains and informs
  • uncovers deficits and evaluates them
  • integrates legal guidelines
  • provides advice in decision making
  • accompanies internal decision processes
  • coordinates measures and the delegated functions
  • controls and monitors all SHE activities of the company
  • is responsible for the approvals and public authority management
  • can incorporate different delegated functions
  • prepares decisions for executive management

By using a SHE manager, you abide by all legal provisions in the corresponding fields and you have only one contact person for all questions. You reduce your liability risk and save resources, time and costs.