All-embracing explosion protection concepts

Explosion protection is necessary in all locations where a dangerous and explosible atmosphere can form. This is often the case when inflammable and easily or highly flammable fluids are being handled or if combustible dust is present.

We prepare a comprehensive explosion protection concept for you and advise you how you can fulfil the explosion protection requirements and, if necessary, provide you with the explosion protection document required by §6 of the German Work Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV):

  • Explosion protection document as part of the hazard assessment
  • Determination and evaluation of the explosion hazard
  • Evaluation of the technical equipment installed
  • Classification of the areas endangered by explosion into zones
  • Map of the zones - "Ex-zone plan"
  • Determination and realisation of technical, organisational and personnel-related protection measures

An evaluation of the physical-chemical effects, in  particular of fire and explosion hazards, is not only required by the German Work Safety Ordinance but also by the German Hazardous Substance Ordinance (GefStoffV). The UMCO experts will tell you how to combine the different legal requirements.